Info for patients

Arrival at hospital and preparation for surgery can sometimes be a bit stressful, and team in the hospital Colić is here to make sure that your stay is as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
It is our aim to provide you with first-class service and memorable experience in a pleasant environment of our hospital. Whether you are staying for several hours or few days, our professional team of experts, who are dedicated to their work, will take care of you and arrange for you to get the best possible care.
You will find a plenty of practical information regarding your stay here that can be useful. We are at any time at your disposal for any further information.

Hospital Colić

1 Consultation Examination 50
2 Anti - Age Morpheus 8 500
3 Anti - Age Botulin toxin 350
4 Anti - Age Fractora - 3 treatments 1200
5 Anti - Age Silhouette threads Quotation on consultation
6 Anti - Age Body FX 200
7 Anti - Age Mesotherapy 70
8 Anti - Age PRP face 250
9 Anti - Age Face PRP with hyaluronic acid 300
10 Anti - Age Eyebrow PRP 150
11 Anti - Age Chemical peeling 80
12 Anti - Age Derma pen (Mpen) 120
13 Anti - Age Chemical peal with mesotherapy 100
14 Anti - Age Lip enhancement 300/ml
15 Anti - Age Radiowave removal of benign skin changes 50-300
16 Hair Hair PRP 250
17 Hair Beard, mustache and eyebrow transplantation 800-2000
18 Hair Hair transplantation 1500 - 2000
19 Face Rhinoplasty 4000
20 Face Total face and neck lift with upper and lower eyelids 6500
21 Face Upper blepharoplasty / Upper eyelid lift 1000
22 Face Lower lids blepharoplasty 1200
23 Face Fatty neck liposuction - Neck Tite 1500-2000
24 Face Facial lipofilling 1500-2000
25 Face Otoplasty 1000
26 Face Xantelasmae 300-800
27 Face Facial dermabrasion 1000
28 Face Hyaluronic fillers 300/ml
29 Face Upper eye lids with brow lift 1500
30 Face Temporal lift 1500-2700
31 Face Buccal fat pad removal 1000
32 Face Total face and neck lift without upper and lower eyelids 5500
33 Face Mini face lifting 4500
34 Breast Breast reconstruction after mastectomy 4500-9000
35 Breast Breast augmentation 4000 - 4500
36 Breast Breast augmentation - tubular 4300
37 Breast Breast suspension 5300
38 Breast Prophylactic mastectomy with reconstruction 5000-6000
39 Breast Implants replacement 3800
40 Breast Explantation of protheses 1500-2000
41 Breast Breast reduction 5300
42 Breast Breast lipofilling 2500-3000
43 Male chest Pectus treatment with lipofillig 2000
44 Male chest Gynaecomastia 3000-3500
45 Arms Upper arm liposuction with Body Tite 2000-2500
46 Arms Hyperhydrosis 500
47 Arms Hand lipofilling 1000
48 Arms Arms tightening (brachioplasty) 3000-3500
49 Abdomen and back Abdominal liposuction - Body Tite 3000-3500
50 Abdomen and back Loins and hips liposuction - Body Tite 2500-3500
51 Abdomen and back Back liposuction - Body Tite 2000-2500
52 Abdomen and back Abdominoplasty 4000-5500
53 Legs Inner thighs liposuction - Body Tite 1500-2500
54 Legs Liposuction of the knees - Body Tite 1500
55 Legs Thigh lift 3500-4000
56 Legs Calf augmentation with implants 4500
57 Legs Calf augmentation with fat tissue 3000
58 Gluteus Gluteal augmentation with implants 4500
59 Gluteus Gluteal augmentation with fat tissue 3000
60 Urogenital surgery Labioplasty 1200
61 Urogenital surgery Labioplasty + Rejuvenation + G spot augmentation 3000
62 Urogenital surgery Vaginal rejuvenation 2500-3000
63 Urogenital surgery Penile enlargement 3500-4000
64 Skin tumors Skin tumors 250 - 750
65 Scars Scar excision 100 - 1000
66 Obesity treatment BIB system, non-surgical obesity treatment Orbera 360 3000

Note: Listed prices of surgical procedures are approximate, total price after final examination. Complete hospital service is included in the price. All prices are in EUR. Payment is in dinar, equivalent at the official average exchange rate on the payment date.


Before you arrive at our hospital, it is crucial that you become familiar with basic instructions that your doctor provided for you during the examination. If your doctor advised you against eating or drinking before your intervention, please follow these instructions.
What to bring with you?
Any intervention performed under general endotracheal anaesthesia implies stay in hospital. In this case it is necessary to bring the following:
- Nightgown or pyjamas and slippers;
- Personal hygiene kit;
- Your medications if you are on specific therapy.
Note that the treatment, needed for the interventions, you will be provided with in the hospital.

Please be kind as to follow the schedule time for your arrival at the hospital. That is usually an hour or two before your surgery so that during that time the appropriate pre-surgical preparation can be performed, as well as consultations with anaesthesiologist and naturally to prepare exact pre-surgical plan with your medical examiner. It is advisable that someone else get you to hospital and to come for you after the intervention as you shouldn’t be driving.


For every patient we have prepared a comfortable room that includes private bathroom, TV and phone line. Your room and bathroom will be maintained and cleaned, during your stay.

Food delivery in hospital is organized and adjusted to patients in order to speed up their recovery. Please inform your medical examiner on any allergies to food. It is not permitted to bring any food or drinks into clinic, in accordance with hospital regulations.

In the hospital you will have numerous magazines and daily papers at your disposal as well as Wi-Fi.


Taking care of the patient

During your stay at the hospital, medical examiner is responsible for taking care of the patient and he conducts treatment program, in consultation with the patient. Moreover, during the stay, the whole time, there will be a nurse at disposal, who is in charge of providing the 24 hour care to every patient. There is a button next to every patient bed, to call for a nurse if necessary. In any given time, patients are allowed to ask the medical examiner anything regarding their surgery or post-surgical recovery, treatment or any other specific care that may be required.

All documentation and photos regarding patients are strictly confidential and discretion is fully guaranteed.


At patient's request, the hospital will inform family members and friends on the expected time of the surgery. It is possible to obtain information, at any moment, about each patient, on hospital's number 011/3699800.

Visiting hours are every day from 6.00pm until 8.00pm, and on weekends from 2.00pm until 4.00pm. Visits are not permitted otherwise, so that the patients can rest and have appropriate medical care.


It is on your medical examiner to decide when you will leave hospital. The usual time period is from 7.00am until 8.00am, unless decided otherwise by medical examiner. During the discharge, you will be provided with prescriptions for medications that you need to take in a prescribed way, and all necessary information for your post-surgical recovery.

Upon leaving the hospital, it is advisable that someone else came to take you home or we can call you a cab. In case of any question or advise that you need regarding your recovery, please do not hesitate to call us by phone or to send an e-mail.